IBM Kenexa Lead Manager : Promotional Video


IBM Kenexa Lead Manager enables recruiters to proactively source, attract, engage and nurture top talent to build lasting candidate relationships and robust pipelines.

This project was a self-initiative to help spread the word of the awesomeness that awaited a sourcer or recruiter in their sourcing journey to potential and existing customers around the globe.

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  • AreaAnimation Design
  • MediumDigital
  • Tools6B, paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Mural
About Project
Who: The Target Audience

The Business need included reaching out to the current Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) audience as well as potential clients interested in IBM Kenexa Lead Manager.

My Role

The plot creation, script writing, character creation, illustration, animation and editing was mostly done by me, with support for some animation portions (the personae intro moments) from a team member.

Who are the primary characters of this narrative

The personae for this product (IBM Kenexa Lead Manager) had already been created by me as part of the product design project that I was leading parallely. For more about the actual creation of the personae, check out the project IBM Kenexa Lead Manager.

We decided to go with the three primary personae - the sourcer/recruiter, recruiting manager and the passive job candidate - for the purpose of the narrative of the promotional video.

Elissa | Sourcer & Recruiter
Ollie | Recruiting Manager
Sean | Passive Job Candidate

THE LOOK: Illustrative Fun Modern

MESSAGE: “Enthusiasm that is contagious!” Conveys instant value to viewer

FEEL: “Authentically thoughtful” Empowering

COLORS: IBM color palette Satisfying and relaxing

The Making
Character Development

Developing the 3 characters was initially one of the big challenges as it was something that would take considerable rework to change midway. Interestingly, the initial sketches for these characters helped a lot while I was scripting the narrative, as they all had distinct personalities that reflected in the story and made the characters more real and relatable.

Once I had the basic look and feel for the characters, which did develop and evolve over the scripting exercise, the overall colour palette for the animation became the next challenge to tackle. After experimenting with a few palettes, I settled for a more muted palette of blues alongwith it's complimentary colour, a fresh and sparky orange, as accent.

Scripting & Voice Over Recording

I scripted a narrative that takes the viewer through the seamless journey of sourcing candidates that would help an organization have a well-matched pipeline of candidates ready to be considered for the opening who already have an established relation with the organization and are looking forward to apply.

The script went through refinement based on feedback from our Design team members. Once it felt like it had reached a solid story, I went on to conduct voice-over recordings of multiple volunteer studio mates. Post recording, the exciting bit of storyboarding began!


Put together the main frames for illustrating what the story would broadly look like. This also helped building out the animation in parts that made it more manageable to create and work with. These were then stitched together in the end.

Illustrating & Animating

Illustrating the keyframes was an absolute joy and I had immense fun and challenge in putting together every detail of the characters, scenes, transitions and how the story flowed.

What came together over time was tremendous learning especially with the animation portions. I was supported by another Design colleague for the animation of the introductory segments of the personae.

The Impact
The outcome

With over 87k views on YouTube prior to being moved to the IBM Media Center, this video for IBM Kenexa Lead Manager has helped reach out to a large global audience of the HR community, where we could illustrate the awesomeness of the product, in their language.

This video is also available to view at the IBM Media Center.