Colon Polyps Simulation


In collaboration with the Research group of a multinational technology corporation, created a simulation of what an operation theater camera recording of a colon with polyps would be like for research purposes.

  • AreaCancer Research
  • MediumDigital animation
  • ToolsBlender
About Project

The brief was to recreate the internal view of a colon with polyps within it. Polyps are a form of abnormal tissue growth that look like bumps, mostly small.

For this project, we were specifically looking at polyps found in the colon. Polyps could be benign or become malignant over time. This particular research was related to this phenomenon.

What does a colon look like

After some secondary research, I started to sketch out the best way to showcase the interior of the colon and how that could be translated to 3D best for project purposes.

Behind the scenes

Using the powerful 3D animation tool Blender, I started to explore sculpting a hollow colon to make it resemble the actual organ.

Over time and with multiple explorations and feedback from the expert team, the model started coming to life. A grid was requested to be placed over the model both on the exterior and interior surfaces such that movement of the polyps could be simulated and captured for further study.

The Animation
Coming to life

After many painstaking iterations of trying to make the surface, textures, colours, and movement seem as close to reality as possible, this was the final outcome with the help of which further research is being carried out. Considering this is an ongoing project, details of the actual project itself have been kept to a minimum.